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Eat Well With Full-Mouth Reconstruction In Delray Beach

For a variety of reasons, you may not be happy with your smile. You also may have lost some or most of the function of your teeth. No matter how bad you think things may be, we can rebuild your healthy smile. Our full-mouth reconstruction in Delray Beach, FL can help you:
  • Replace missing or damaged teeth
  • Have a complete smile
  • Eat the foods that you love
At Designer Family Dental, our doctors know that your oral health affects your quality of life. Get back to feeling like yourself. Call 561-637-4443 soon to schedule a consultation.

Make Your Smile As Strong As It’s Ever Been

If you have been dealing with missing and failing teeth for years, you might be skeptical about how much can be done for your smile. You could be pleasantly surprised when you see what’s possible with these services:
  • Dental Crowns And Bridges – Crowns can repair damaged teeth or replace individual teeth. Bridges are a great option to replace multiple teeth.
  • Dentures – These replacement teeth can restore your complete smile.
  • Dental Implants – Implant replace the roots of missing teeth. They provide strength and stability to replacement teeth.
  • All-on-4® – This advanced procedure allows us to secure a full set of fixed replacement teeth with four precisely placed dental implants.
  • All-on-6 – This procedure involves placing six implants where they will provide the maximum support and stability for your new teeth.

Stay Comfortable While Rebuilding Your Oral Health

Losing teeth can have serious long-term consequences on your appearance, your health, and your self-confidence. Rebuilding your smile can address all of these concerns. Even so, you may feel dental anxiety about the procedure. To help reduce your concerns, we offer sedation dentistry, which can ease your mind and keep you relaxed during the reconstruction process.

We’ve also invested in a CT scanner to help in assessing your situation and planning your implant placements. The scanner allows us to see the condition of your jawbones in three dimensions, which allows us to determine the best location for your implants.

You can have a strong, natural-looking smile again. Discover how we do full-mouth reconstruction in Delray Beach, FL. Call 561-637-4443 to set up a consultation at Designer Family Dental.

Common Questions About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

What is a full-mouth reconstruction?
A full-mouth reconstruction is a treatment where you work hand in hand with your dentist to design a plan for restoring all or nearly all your teeth. You may have lost your teeth from an injury, disease, or decay or through genetics. Whatever the cause, we will work with you to help you enjoy a full mouth of beautiful and functional teeth again.
How much does a full-mouth reconstruction cost?
There is no way to accurately estimate what a full-mouth reconstruction will cost without first performing a thorough dental exam and taking a set of images. Once we have the total picture of what your treatment will require, we can estimate the cost of your full-mouth reconstruction. We have several payment options available, including third-party financing with attractive rates.
How long does a full-mouth reconstruction take?
The exact length of your full-mouth reconstruction will depend on several factors. We first need to know what condition your teeth and bones are in, as well as what type of replacement teeth you want. We’ll need to perform an exam and look at X-rays to determine what is needed. A same-day smile procedure can be completed relatively quickly, while other types of implant treatments can take months to complete.

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